Thursday, July 09, 2009

House Speaker Pelosi Coming to Middletown

Nancy Pelosi & Rep. Patrick Kennedy will be here this Sat., July 11, in the afternoon. Check out that link for details & an invite. Locals (otherwise known as the "usual suspects") are hoping to convince her to fund some $ for our corporate park & for improvements to the Wave. Ave. pumping station.

She'll be visiting there & stopping at the new Child & Family Services building for a visit. There is a public reception at the Atlantic Beach Club, but with a limited capacity thanks to the newest fire safety laws regarding outside venues. Of course the fact that it actually SITS on the beach which has LOTS of H2O is meaningless & cost towns & cities mucho dinero & closed businesses, but I digress. Thank you, General Assembly.

Later she is attending a private fundraiser in Jamestown- likely for the Dem. House Legislative fundraising arm. No, no invite for me. Just as well as they'd likely expect me to give them big $. And I'd need a new dress- I never said that I wasn't shallow.

Actually, if the truth be known, they are coming to surprise Keith Stokes of the Newport Chamber of Commerce & myself on our birthdays. I will be 39- don't know about him. Definitely older, I think. More later. I have a camera now & know how to use it (kinda, sorta) so I'll try & get some visual stuff up!
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