Sunday, June 14, 2009

Middletown Council Meets Monday

At 6 pm they meet to discuss the West Side Master plan regarding the town's plan to bid & purchase Navy land by Greene Lane.

There is an interesting item in the Consent Calendar which is usually just voted on & not discussed. Evidently everyone agrees to opening sealed minutes of Nov. 07 & Dec. 07 regarding the Kempen case. Expect to hear more on this later.

There is a resolution to approve combining Newport Co. Visitors Ctr. with East Bay Tourism Council.

On the regular calendar there are various other items, but nothing extremely notable. Councilor Silveira has asked for an update regarding the contract the schools entered into with Salve Regina Univ.

I also heard a recent complaint that the town used to print it's proposed budget in the newspapers with a dept. breakdown. This time it was just the bottom line. Curious.

If there is anything of interest, I'll try & get video up on Wed.; providing, of course, that all the planets are in the correct alignment.

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