Sunday, June 14, 2009

R.I. Pen Pals for Y.A.

I'm lifting this post from "The Cat's Meow" from MPL. Too bad kids can't pick this up from school computers- remember, they've banned me & anyone using blogspot. Because the school dept. can & no one complains. Nope, we wouldn't want them to know anything about their own public library, would we.

Young adults can obtain a pen pal from- R.I.! No postage required. Way Cool!

"A very cool thing is happening in RI thanks to the amazing Aaron C., Young Adult librarian at Greenville Public Library. Aaron is putting together a YA summer pen pal program for teens 11-18 years old. And we are talking old school pen-pal'ing. Paper and pen! (Come on, you know you want to try it. See how old people did it way back in the 1980s.)

Here's the 411:~Fill out an introductory letter form* and turn it in to the MPL Reference Department by July 3rd. (*Forms are available in the YA section or email for a copy.)

~Aaron C. (the YA librarian I mentioned above) will match you with someone your age who has the same interests. Your pen pal will be from another town or city in Rhode Island.~Check back after July 14th to find out who your pen pal partner is.

~Write letters to your pen pal and turn them in at the Reference Desk. (Don't worry! The letters are only read by your snail-mail buddy. We just save you the postage when we forward them to your pen pal.)

~I will email/call when you receive a new letter from your pen pal.

So whaddaya say? Take a break from texting and try connecting with someone the old fashion way."
It's a good post & I hope some ya's out there can make use of this. (source) Thanks to all concerned for doing this.
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