Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rep. Kennedy in Medical Treatment

Mental health concerns along with addictions require constant monitoring & vigilance. Hat's off to the Rep. who has the good sense along with a strong monitoring system of doctors and friends who help keep him on track. He's decided for a time to forsake D.C. for some medical treatment for undisclosed problems.

A father who is ill, an aging mom, a re-invigorated Congress- no, no life stressors there. A past history of addictions, substance abuse, and mental illness- what fun. I run a local mental health community group. Some of the stories I hear there are heart-wrenching while there's also sucess stories to give us all hope. More and more families are touched nowadays by these diseases and we're just not willing to keep it to ourselves, suck it up, or blame ourselves or our family member or friend any longer.

Treatments are out there, but this is an area that needs a lot more research as sometimes the "cures" are almost as bad as the never-ending diseases themselves. I often think that if these sufferers (and they do suffer along with their families & friends) had a more "acceptable" disease like heart problems, diabetes, or developmental difficulties, they'd have a lot more positive outcomes in diagnosis, treatment, & community assistance.

I have a LOT of admiration for Patrick because he admits to not very fashionable problems, works on his treatment, and admits to failure sometimes- something that we can all relate to. He also goes out of his way & comfort zone in trying to assure that others have the same treatment acess that he does. Having $ helps in many ways along with famous name, but it ultimately does not make for a perfect life. Go figure.

So take your time getting better, Patrick. And when you feel up to it, you're always welcome to our group meetings- once a month at the Newport public library- check their website. You're not alone and we're all pulling for you. By helping you, we help ourselves, our families, & our community.
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