Sunday, May 03, 2009

Robberies Up in Newport

You won't read these stats in the daily snooze's police and fire reports. Why not? I guess that it's not good for business. Just like you rarely read anything on poverty, homelessness, lack of health insurance, mental health problems, foreclosures, empty apartments, long-time businesses disappearing, or divorces. They just don't buy ads or sell newspapers. At least, that's why I assume that they believe.

Gossip is that it's a crim spree in Newport with robberies & car thefts which our local rag does not bother to print in its police report. Do NOT leave your car keys in your car- insurance may well not cover it then. Lock your car; esp. in the evening. Businesses and homes are all feeling the increased rate of break-in's. I know that letters have been written to the newspaper complaining about their lack of coverage herein, but- zip. So please, as they keep requesting, write, write, write; but, only certain topics allowed

But they are interested in covering alcohol and drug related crimes. Hmmm, makes you think.

Newspapers constantly blame US for not buying them; rather than claim culpability here. Things that drew me to newspapers have been guillotined right off their pages- recipes, investigative articles, book reviews, etc. Sports? Sacred. Kids? Nice to see the recent addition of comics. Best in color, thought, and LARGE enough to actually read. Connect yourself with online resources rather than ignoring them. Newspapers made large profits for many over a number of years. Profits required less news coverage. They are now reaping those profits. Not much sympathy from me; although I do believe that the loss of each newspaper or its downgrading translates as some democracy loss for all of us.
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