Wednesday, May 13, 2009


**UPDATE** And while I'm on a roll for outrages I'll add this one. R.I.'s Board of Regents has decided that the new Edc. Commissioner, Deborah Gist, should receive a raise of $20,000, including a new State pension. She also likely will receive a performance bonus. She also gets the use of a State car or $200/month for her own vehicle & $5000 for moving expenses. Do I even have to say why I am outraged? I weary. All Republican appointees, btw, not that Party allegiance makes a darn bit of differenct. Another, btw; their link for the new proposed B.E.P. still doesn't work. And that's what they think of you, you ignorant slob, you. (Thanks to Projo reporter Jennifer Jordan, 5/12, "Gist signs 3-year pact with salary of $203,870)

A thumbs down, perhaps even the old "flying fickle finger of fate" award needs revival. This one goes to General Assembly leadership: translation: Murphy (House) & Paiva-Weed (Senate) & comes from today's Projo political news column, "Despite tough times, Assembly leaders still d oling out raises." The title says it all really.

And then there is this topper, "However, the head of the legislative business office, Marisa White, refused to disclose how many people are on the legislative payroll." This is the peoples' money and the peoples' house. The same paper also talks about the homeless. What will happen? Nothing.

Arrogance. Because we can & because we say so. And we elect them Time after time. Most people don't even know who they are or what they do on the lege level. They do on the local level though. Loud sigh.
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