Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vote "NO" on E-Verify

**UPDATE** via Crowley at Area legislators voted AGAINST this bill with one exemption- Jackson, who was absent. The bill barely passed, but pass it did, however, with a much CLOSER margin than last year (38-33 versus 53-17). Now on to the Senate where it died last year in committee. A bit THANKS to Reps. Martin, Rice, and Ruggiero. The Republican caucus (all 5) voted in favor. I e-mailed my Rep & Senator & Fox & Murphy (House leaders). Except for Murphy all e-mailed back. Except for Rice, all were non-commital. Why?

"“We’re building racism into a system where there is none now,” said Rep. Arthur Handy, D-Cranston.

Rep. Peter F. Martin, D-Newport, recalled that his grandparents suffered similar obstacles by “Irish need not apply” signs. And while some proponents said immigrants like Martin’s grandparents were not illegally in the country, Rep. David A. Segal, D-Providence, reminded lawmakers that there were no laws restricting immigration until 1921.

Go, Peter! I knew that I liked that guy (NDN)***

Read the article by Rep. D. Segal in on why. Most of my husband's & my family (Azores & Eire) came over legally, but not all. There was the young kid who hid in the hold of a ship...

We have a LOT of immigrants here. They are the ones who mow your grass, work on your house, wash restaurant dishes, etc. Most are legal, and even more came legally, but let their papers lapse. Their kids sit next to yours in school. Many have left or gone further underground with ICE officials now stationed here. Did they have an effect on our local economy? Notice all housing vacancies, the long-time businesses gone or on the verge of leaving? It's not unconnected.

"The Social Security Administration estimates that if E-Verify were mandatory across the country SSA database errors alone could result in 3.6 million workers a year being misidentified as not work authorized, that's potentially thousands of Rhode Islanders."

The lege will be voting on this bill Tues. Let them know you are against it. Click here to do it- EASY!

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