Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sen. Whitehouse Fights Torture

I make mistakes- lots of them. But sometimes, sometimes, I get things right. Working on Sen. Whitehouse's campaign was one of them. I got all my family involved & anyone else that I could persuade. I can't always keep up with everything on the nat'l scene, so it's nice to know that our Sen. not only can but does.

Sen. Whitehouse is one of the hardest working elected officials on any level. And he lives right here in Newport! Are we lucky or what?

He's been in the forefront working on health care, education, states' attorneys, and other timely topics. I catch little Rhody's Senator on various news channels all the time. What a guy!

So what is your opinion on America's recent foray into torture? It makes me ashamed. And it doesn't work to boot. Gee, the Catholic Church has plenty to say about "gays." The silence now is defeaning.

I'm proud of all the people I met who were working there right alongside me. These good folks did the hard grunt work here- ringing doorbells, making phone calls, filing out those darn forms for the data base, etc., etc. It was one huckuva campaign that made it to the forefront of the nat'l scene. It will be a LONG time before you see that again in R.I. Talk about making a difference!!! We did!!!

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