Saturday, May 02, 2009

Middletown Senior Center- Pt. 3

This is the last of my 3 part series on the Center's By-Laws. See Part l for a copy of its rules. The Center presents its budget Mon. at 6:00. The Council also meets at 7 for its regular agenda.

4. Emergency Fund. The Director may spend up to $250 without Board approval (my wording here).

Doesn't specify if this is annually or each incident related. Understandable, but I'd sure want an accounting of it. This neess some clarification. Then again, the Board never votes anyway.

7. Resignation. See #7 above.

Same deal here. It just needs to be submitted. No one actually votes on its acceptance. And then they kick you out the door. Odd. It would never make it into public record either.

4. Books & records. This one states that any of these are available from the Director for viewing providing that you are a member.

Actually, these records should be avilable to all. Anyone ever ask? Gee, I recall that a Councilor did (Silveira) and all hell broke loose. Too bad he wasn't a member and they would have cheerfully been handed over & then not distributed to the Council chair.Article VI. Misconduct of members. It says that they can throw you out temporarily. Okay. Doubt it, but what do I know?Now what does all of this mean? Firstly, it means that the Senior Ctr. needs to update its by-laws. It also means that NO ONE is enforcing these rules which means that the Director IS the Senior Center. Oversight of our money? Oh, you dreamer.

I'm done. I previously publised my suggestions & conclusion. But since no one who has any actual authority seems inclined to do anything, I'm likely blowing in the wind. So much COULD be done here with our monies. So LITTLE actually is. Sigh.
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