Friday, May 01, 2009

R.I. Makes "The Economist"

And not in a good way, I might add. An overall article to include half-truths & inaccuracies. Exactly what you'd expect speaking with the Prov. Chamber of Commerce, the Expenditure Council, & the Tax Foundation. Interesting, though. Don't buy into the families leaving the State in droves, though. Pure malarkey.

And then there's the comments from the R.I. Economic Development Corp. Nice name, few bragging rights. They never met a tax break they didn't like, along with the other aforementioned groups, no matter whether it works or not or what other effects it may have on the residents.

I am especially fond of its closing suggestion: "If things don't look up, the state may reconsider a 1971 proposal to impose a $2 levy on each act of sexual intercourse performed in the state. Only men would pay." Now there's an idea for ya!

Little Rhody in the Red. Not a happy story.

Thanks to Greg for the head's up!
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