Monday, May 18, 2009

Middletown Council Meets Tonight

Monday at Town Hall at 7 pm. At 6 there is a special meeting for:
6:00 P.M. Presentation – Middletown Fire Department
6:25 P.M. Review of FY 2009-2010 proposed Budget – Parks/Recreation/Beach

State Rep. Ruggiero is going to give a lege update. Less $ is coming. Surprise, surprise. And more fees to boot. Yippee. But thank the Lord, the Lege is still following through with tax breaks for the very richest. What a relief to know that in year two of this, relief is just around the corner for us all. After all, tax them less and they will spend, right? I liked Sen. Levesque's suggestion-whenever you meet the very richest who reside here, give 'em a big hug.

Speaking of fees, there's is going to be a daily mooring fee (big bucks!), a resident wants a "Stop" sign on Forest Ave., and monies are being moved around- mainly to cover shortfalls from the State. More monies is needed for ongoing "special litigation." Hmm, maybe pursing former Town Admin. Kempen? Why not just shoot the guy?

Sounds quiet, but you never know. Tues. it will be on cable Ch. 18.

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