Monday, May 18, 2009

Middletown Council- Who was first?

So who was first in their efforts to get the Chair's recognition for a nomination?

This was the result of the May 4 meeting in which there was an opening on the Zoning Board with two applicants. The camera focuses on the Council singularly so you miss the full pic of Councilor Bozyan poking & gesturing to the Chair (to his right) to stop Councilor Silveira from making the nomination. You had to be there. I wrote about this previously & here is the video. So you figure it out. The Chair clearly couldn't. Coucilman Silveira was being a bad-boy again with Councilor Sylvia joining in the fun.

The Chair never recognizes Councilor Cambra or his motion (with Councilor Bozyan throwing in a quick second), but clearly does recognize Councilor Silveira; although he thinks that it's just for a question. The town's attorney (whom everyone keeps staring at) is either asleep with his eyes open, or decides that sometimes ignorance is the better part of valor (wise man). He tosses the hot potato back to the chair where it belongs. The Chair decides in favor of Cambra who frequently functions as the parliamentarian (quietly advising the Chair on rules).

Being Chair is difficult & I can empathize with Prez Semonelli. I now understand why Congress functions under the seniority system rather than who gets the most votes. Sometimes- experience matters. Councilor Silveira has gotten much better at knowing the rules and using them to his advantage. Smart man. If you're going to play the game well, you'd better study the rulebook (Roberts' Rules of Order).

Clearly the Republican applicant was seemingly more desirable then long-time resident Independent, Christy. His name was placed in nomination by a Democrat rather than the lone Council Republican. This is somewhat odd- to say the least . But it sure was fun to watch!

I'm getting somewhat better with the video, so expect more after the next Council meeting if I can figure out my new hardware & software.

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