Sunday, May 03, 2009

Captain Mike Laid Bare

I'm speaking figuratively, of course (darn!). You've heard my co-writer, Tom, expound on the "Guest Opinion" articles published in the NDN on numerous occasions and I'm surprised he hasn't written on the newest- NOT an opinion; but rather, a letter: "Specter's defection puts us at mercy of Democrats." (sorry, no link except for

It's going to be hard to place any more of his rantings under the auspices of an "expert" after this diatribe, "So now we have America on the verge of one-party rule at the hands of the most radical, leftist collection of liberal Democratic socialist ever to walk the halls of Congress." LOL! Aha, the worm, as my mother would say, has turned. Boo-hoo.

The good Middletown Captain worries that his [Republican] soul has been sold. He also knocks R.I'er Chafee for defection to the "politically ignorant."

OR, maybe they've been blessed and "seen the light?" Ah, Captain, no bio or title after your name. Who's the radical now? Yeah, expert. Forget any baloney about even attempting to be objective. Thanks, Daily News. Too bad this malarkey (I'm being nice here) never got printed and opined first. Kinda puts to rest any former "factual" info in his former tirades. Heck, I think the NDN SHOULD have placed it under their "Guest" articles with the appropriate background bio. Then we'd all realize that while you can sometimes disguise crap as a rose, it still smells.

I'm still laughing. Tom, this one's for you!
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