Monday, May 04, 2009

Middletown Council Meets Tonight

There is a budget workshop with the Sr. Ctr. & library at 6 while the Council actually meets at 7. On the agenda is a Planning Board alternate with two candidates- local Helen Christy & newcomer lawyer Mike Potter. If the latter is appointed, that will be 3 lawyers sitting on the Board. Doesn't that sound like fun? Lawyers evidently now have time on their hands with a poor economy.

They will aso be taking up a new ordinance courtesy of the aforementioned Planning Board. You will now need a permit for a fence (or hedge) on your perimeter. There are design & height requirements. Why the town would even want to get involved in this is beyond me. Sure, it will bring in $, but also cost time of Building officials & clerks. Of course, it was the Building Dept. who initiated this proposed rule. Evidently they have time on their hands. Right now, except for surrounding in-ground pools, it's a property owners' discussion. No idea of permit cost yet.

There is also a request from the Beach Commission to amend the Second Beach concession contract with Bruce Long's lemonade and now hotdog stand. Without any bidding the latter was added & will now stay another year. Or not.

There is also a windmill ordinance.

Antone Viveiros, who seems to be one of the only acknowledged Republican in town, has only himself to keep appointing to bi-partisan committees. I believe that this is #2. Kind of like the Dems (who are now in-fashion), although they have more family members they can put forth.

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