Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Middletown Council Remuneration

Councilor Silveira intro'd the resolution for a 1/4 reduction in their $2,500 and $4,000 (for Prez) town renumeration at this Council meeting. Unfortunately, he was ill and not there. So the resolution died quietly. They could have posponed it, but...

Afterward the Council meeting, the Prez, Semonelli, informed the Newport Daily News reporter, Matt Sheley, & then turned over monies he had already rec'd from the town. It is a generous move; although, if the tax holiday he's been promoting actually happens, he'll most certainly profit from it. Yeah, cynical, I know. Remember, I've been following politics and politicians for a LONG time.

The Town Council had nothing to say on this item. Zilch. I'm somewhat surprised that Indian Ave. estate & another estate owner & member of the family who funds the Middletown Democratic Town Committee, Councilor Bozyan, didn't join in. I've also got to wonder if he bothered to inform any of his fellow councilors on what he planned to do; otherwise, it might be viewed as grandstanding & could come back to slap him.

Now I think these Councilors more than earn the small amount that we give them. Still, what Semonelli did was generous. He did not have to do it. (NDN, 4/7/09, "Council leader gives up his pay.) I also have to wonder what his fellow councilors think of all this. It could have been quietly given up or even donated to a local charity. It could be a simple case of one-up-manship. Like I say- cynical.
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