Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kennedy School Closing Raises Complaints

Kinda late in the game. Where were you during the winter hearings? Some parents have been giving this some thought & have decided that "the plan doesn’t place the needs of the town’s students first and won’t save nearly the money that’s been suggested." (NDN, 4/7/09, "School closure worries parents") I always thought that the given $ savings difficult to believe. I also questioned the deed. I'm surprised that it isn't limited to educational uses like the library next door- we acquired this school from the Navy. Heck, no one has EVER said that this was being done for sound educational reasons or is even in students' best interests.

"A group of parents is circulating a petition asking the School Committee to reconsider or postpone the closure of Kennedy at its next meeting on Thursday, April 16, at 7 p.m. in the Oliphant administration building."

For more info on the petition contact John McBride at Good luck! The School Committee next meets at 7 pm, Oliphant School on April 16. Sign-up with the Sec. of St. for school meeting notices & agendas. It's EASY. Do it HERE. Once you cast your election vote your job is not done. You've got to pay attention & speak up. Otherwise... this is what happens.

Thanks to reporter Matt Sheley at NDN (sorry, article is not online & you can't comment on their site regarding it) for some of this info. But you MAY comment here or write about it OR cover the school committee meeting & write about it if you contact me. For free!
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