Thursday, January 22, 2009

Middletown School Closing?

The School Committee is thinking of closing Kennedy School on W. Main Rd. & sending upper grade students to Gaudet & lower ones to Aquidneck School. There are a number of reasons for this cost-cutting measure (the town anticipates a $two mil shortage) including one odd one stating that Aquidneck School must be used for only educational or rec purposes in the deed. However, I believe that also applies to Kennedy School, too, along with the Library.

If ever there was a time to stay informed about the goings-on of local and state gov't- this is it! When the budgets are tight, can cuts be far behind? And I'm not speaking of just getting rid of the billboards the town now owns on East Main Rd. ( soon to be minus $6000/yr. in income). Also be prepared to be nickled & dimed even more.

Thanks to Mat Sheley from NDN for the article.
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