Saturday, March 28, 2009

New R.I. Budget Plan

** I've given you a few new numbers at the bottom. Not good, but the fed monies should help.**

No details yet, but here is some of the good, the bad, & the ugly. The House vote is tomorrow, unless a donnybrook ensues (and it never does). Then it's onto the Senate committee, then floor, where they had rebellion last yr. until leadership averted it- barely. Don't expect the same this year with the current Senate Finance membership.

Here is the bill's link. Blue & green mark the changes to the guv's budget. General Revenues to the District are decreased. School Aid stays the same.

Newport: $11,871,080 (Guv's proposal) New Amount- $10,327,939 From Stimulus- $665,740

Middletown: 10,497,116 (Guv's proposal), New Amount- $9,010,090 Stimulus- $597,011

Little Compton: $368,810 $218,957 $34,414

Tiverton: $4,898, $786 $ 363,307
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