Sunday, March 29, 2009

Plates, Plates, Who's got the Plates?

License plates is what I'm referring to; more specifically the Newport Mayor's plate of 4000. If I'd seen this plate, it would have meant nothing to me. However, this is the plate traditionally given to the Mayor- traditionally upon their inauguration. Except this year and seemingly the previous administration who did not habd theirs over to the new admin. theirs until March.

Talk about no class. Read this convoluted story about transfers, initialed plates, etc. What former Mayor Waluk was doing in "transferring" his original plates to his Mom is not legal from what I get from the DMV state site. You give your plates to another person? So what happened to her original plates? Was her car actually registered? Talk about double-speak. And blaming mommy.

They should have been handed over a heckuva lot sooner. He certainly had plenty of time & must have some knowledge of how the DMV actually works since he is a lege aide at the State House. The DMV said it was an "enforcement issue." Translation- hand over those plates!

Jeez! Who wants everyone to know where they are anyway? No class.

Thanks to NDN reporter Sean Flynn for writing the article. LOL!
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