Friday, March 27, 2009

Principals a LOT more Important than Teachers

Right? That's why at Aquidneck School we're getting a bargain for the temp Principal (former Portsmouth School Super. Ryan) at ONLY $450/day. The article did not mention what he was being paid for as acting Sup't., nor if the two different jobs are both added into his 90 max days as a state retiree. 90 days- remember that's half the school year.

But then Principals teach a LOT of kids, correct? Uh-oh, I forgot- they don't. That would be a substitute teacher at $75/day. But who needs those expensive teachers anyway?

Here is the NDN article by the ONLY consistent reporter covering the Middletown beat- Matt Sheley. One could hire one of the former Principals now retired for a LOT less (?125 day) OR use the lead teacher & hire a regular substitute to cover those classes, but... why when you have a bargain like this? Also note in the article the use of the word "average pay." Not quite the same as what a substitute's pay would be or even a Principal new to the school system.

But that Aquidneck School is one tough nut to crack. Grades PK-4 with less than 350 students in a really troubled neighborhood. Oops, silly me. That's MY neigborhood. Not quite the same as South Providence, I think. Yup, I'm bad. That's MY family's tax $ you're spending here (remember that "we the people" baloney?). Heck, it's ONLY money. Chump change if you will. Nice, no wonder teachers get angry. Wouldn't you?
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