Monday, October 06, 2008

The Shit Hitting the Fan

The question is no longer will it, but how deep is it & how long will it last? Financial meltdown isn't just a Wall St. problem, it's here right in Middletown and Aquidneck Island. Indeed, it's worldwide. And all accomplished while we watched with open eyes & too often, closed mouths, and non-voting hands.

Does your town have any pending bond issues? Forgetabout it! There is no $ to be borrowed. And if there is, if you have to ask what the interest rate is, you can't afford it.

Towns & cities pay their bills will some state funding- especially schools. Currently the state budget doesn't balance for 08-09. Remember, the state finances go from July to July. Who is to blame for this? I thank BOTH the guv & the lege for their voodoo budget. Think it & it will come. Well, it hasn't.

Twin Rivers going down the tube? Anti-gambling? See what happens when they go bust. The state is already borrowing from one designated fund to pay another. How long can this last? California can't meet its coming payroll. Think that's unique? At some point the feds will have to form an agency to lend state's money to survive. And soon.

How much have you lost in investments? No investments? Doesn't really matter. You'll feel the pain anyway. Say goodbye not only to cheap oil, but cheap anything. All that bread and circuses we were spoon fed to keep us happy & distracted will soon be bye-bye.

I'm hearing that new voter registrations are up in record numbers here. Ah, but the question is- will they vote? Politics DOES matter. That's why I'm here after all.

Locals are expecting record number at the Nov. polls. Poll workers are needed! Contact your local registry. You have to be registered- any party or none will do the trick. Students are welcome!

How many businesses have you seen go under lately? I've written about a number locally. We'd better have a plan to survive this crisis while still planning for the future.

How deep is it? Very. Ask those candidates about current economics. All too often I hear candidates babbling about lowering taxes while increasing local funding. And don't forget the part about raising user fees. Think increased bridge crossing fees. How does that strike you now? In other words, more speechifying and pandering is still coming from candidates. One plus one still adds up to two on my fingers. How many fingers do they have? Or are the fingers on one hand crossed behind their backs?

Sorry, it's a sad posting because I'm sad & like many others- damn mad! It didn't HAVE to be this way.
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