Thursday, October 02, 2008

Newport, Tear Down That Wall!

I'm being a trifle dramatic here. The Wed. Daily News contains the story of how Newport decided to keep its reservoir here (Gardiner's Pond) safe by erecting guard rails at the small land access where a handful of people would park to take a walk there- some with dogs (heaven forbid). They are doing this to, "“We’ve had our signs defaced and damaged, not to mention the fact that dog droppings are a constant problem,” Forgue said.

Shocking, simply shocking. There's absolutely HUNDREDS of walker/dogs here. Of course, you can still park in the area, you'll just have to walk in the street to get there.

The next part of the plan is to cover the pond so that the birdlife can't swim. Those little poop machines!

Nice gesture on the part of Newport. But they don't have anything else to spend their tax money on, right? Next stp- fence around the water area off High St. There are even more dogs with their humans in that area.

Thanks to intrepid reporter, Matt Sheley. He & his photog were brave enough to face the crowds of people/animals at the pond to get to the heart of this story.
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