Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Middletown Council Meeting

There was a meeting last evening. They are so civil & polite that...it must be election time. Too little, too late.

The Council Prez seemed happier than I've seen in a long time. Good for him. There is life beyond the Council.

No more Meaghan Wims translates into no more Projo coverage.

It was a small audience and the Council had a limited docket.

There was no comment on the letter from Tony Spiratos' group opposing offshore wind farms. Zilch. Okay...

The new police station construction is moving merrily along with some cost overruns. I think there is to be more on this later, but Town Admin Brown ("The Whisperper") could not be heard by the audience. It is possible that he is an orator par excellence, but a very quiet one. Later Council Silveira pointed out that he needed to actually speak into the mic. Details, details.

Christ Semonelli of the local Rotary wants to place a sign for his organization by Linden School. This requires a review by the War Memorial/Hall of Fame Committee. I am not joking that this is an actual commiettee. Councilor Santos is on this plus? They never post an agenda or minutes. Because...they can. So much for transparency.

Alicia Hicks (Chief Clerk) of MHS asked for a permit fee to be waived for the Thomas J. Burns 5K Run/walk to be held Sun., Oct. 26 from 8-2. This is a memorial event in honor of the recent high school math teacher who died suddenly. The Council was feeling generous & also waived any police fees for the event.

Danielle McCalla of MHS rec'd a commendation for her senior project which resulted in safer pedestrian conditions for those at Oxbow. What a woman!!

There was some discussion on the request by the police for increasing fines from the alcohol ordinances. Council Sylvia offered some objection as fines don't decrease drinking. Hello! Indeed, they don't. But they do increase revenues. How many times have I blogged about this- no new taxes- we'll just nickel & dime you to death. He wanted some of increased revenues to go to education. Shocking. We could just pillory them.

We were also addressed by the Substance Abuse Task Force ( Lori Verderosa) who has ?federal grant money & is undertaking an education promotional effort with Newport directed at teens. They would like some of that $. Wouldn't we all. Sorry, not much info on them. I believe any fines go into the General Fund. Councilor Silveira wants more info & some stats. Imagine. Hard data. The upshot is that this will be for the next Council to decide.

Antone Viveiros spoke on improving the Valley Rd./Green End traffic nightmare. Whatever happened to the State fixing this plus Aquidneck Ave.? No sidewalks & open ditches. Kids can't even walk to school. Don't hold your breath.

Like I said- quiet. Very respectful. No, nothing to do with approaching elections, although at least two that come to mine, would be better off seperating themselves from the herd.

Matt Sheley of the NDN was there so check out his report & get nothing but the facts, ma'am. He's not as snotty as I am (but a lot less fun).
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