Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bush's "Tough Times"

I just listened to the Pres. speak:

"No doubt about it- we're in tough times."

I swear if that man were in front of me, I'd slap him.

So nice of "the decider" to finally decide that we're in a bloody mess & then go merrily on his multi-millionaire way. Thanks to Ronald Reagan, less government is better, trickle-down economics, "mission accomplished," blah, blah, blah. And another very special thanks to all the Republicans and some Democrats who told us repeatedly that all that these were good things and the rest of us were liberal, heart-bleeing, latte-drinking, Eastern elites. No, it's not about class warfare at all. Warren Buffet got it a long time ago. His class won.

Yes, less gov't was better until Wall St. found itself constipated & needed a suppository of our $. Government. What you love to hate until you need it.
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