Tuesday, October 07, 2008

IBEW Local Protest

**They are still there today.

5 members of this IBEW Local 99 (electricians) stood with their banner: "E.F. Burman Costruction Piggish about Profits" this a.m. on the corner of Green End Ave. & Aquidneck. This is the company that is currently building the police station.

They are not protesting this specific job, but rather the company's hiring practices across the state. There are more demonstrations across the state but I lost my phone connection & rec'd no more details. None of the protesters were from here- the closest bing Bristol & one from Burriville.

From their handout:

"E.W. Burman Construction frequently employs subcontractors that do not pay their workers the community standard wages for electricians in this area.

In this time of a spiraling economy we ask you not to promote or patronize W. E. Burman Construction & add to the slowing downturn of you local eocnomy.

When standard wages are paid, employees contribute to the escalation & well being of the economy in your community.

It's time to stop the race to the bottom with substandard wages & benefits.

E.W. Burman's piggish practice is a negative contribution to your local economy's decline each & every day!

This handbill is inteded to inform the public that the International brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 99's issue is only with E.W.Burman contruction. It is not the intention of IBEW Local 99 to interfere, stop deliveries, or coerce anyone from performing their duties on this contruction site."

More later.
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