Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Middletown Council Forum Yesterday

Today's daily rag, oops, I mean "Newport Daily News" has an article on the forum last night by reporter Matt Sheley. It was sparsely attended, but no surprise there. It's sad, but it is what it is.

Who was there? Independents- VonVillas, Hirsch & me, Republicans- Roberts & Viveiros, Democrats- Silveira, Sylvia. None of the four "endorsed" Dems were present (Bozyzan, Cambra, Semonelli, or Williams). Republican Barrows didn't make it nor did Independent Christy. Oddly enough (besides some of the questions), Theresa Santos was present but sat in the audience. She demurred participation pleading illness & having to leave early (echoed by Sylvia who left at 8). When she later stood & asked a question of the candidates, Silveira (who shone with many of the complex questions involving by-law changes), had a mild explosion. "You're supposed to be up here answering questions, not asking us questions!" Point well taken. She then took great exception to this stating, "I'm ill!" She then departed with, "I have to go home & take my medicine" and thanked Ed for his comments. You know, I could be wrong (call me crazy), but I don't think that she honestly meant the latter.

Now, I am sorry that she is ill as she has been in the past. But why come, let alone ask us anything? Very weird.

Many of the questions concerned changing or adding by-laws. Not exactly hot topics. I just didn't have enough info on most to make a definitive call. Ah, Antone, me boy-o, tell me the deck wasn't stacked against us in your favor. Even the Moderator didn't understand many of the questions. I still can't help liking the man. Maybe it's his accent. Maybe it's the Irish in me always rooting for the lost cause & the underdog. Maybe it's that he wore no socks. Or maybe I'm simply delusional.

So can I charge some political party $150,00 for new clothing items?
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