Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NDN Newport Endorsements

A few surprises! Waluk did NOT get their endorsement, nor Leonard. For School Committee Sandra Flowers (blog writer here) gets the nod. Sorry, even though my family pays Newport taxes, I have trouble keeping up with things in Middletown where I live. These do seem like good choices, though. But remember, it's YOUR vote.

What do these endorsements mean? Beats me. The endorsement and a nickel will get you a cup of coffee-oh, well, no. A doughnut- oops, not that either. A chocolate bar- well, you'd need a tad more $ for that, too.

It doesn't hurt but I've never actually seen anyone in a polling line with the newspaper endorsement list.

What does it mean? I suppose it means that 3 individuals who theoretically know the area & something about politics like you. That's it. If you haven't done some hard campaigning you won't win, if you have, then, you may win. And that, basically, is the long & short of it.

I applaud the NDN for the attempt to make their endorsement process more transparent this year (they LOVE transparency). And I suppose it is.

My main gripe is with State & Fed'l position endorsements. They are gung-ho on dividing the lege, Congressional representation, & State office holders between Dems & Reps. What this means, then, is that Reps. get the nod here. Calling this non-partisan or even "fair" is laughable for two reasons.

One is that there is such a WIDE diversity of Dems in R.I. In most other states they would be called Republicans. The other is that an evenly divided lege is just not going to happen in the short-term. And in the long-term... we'll all be dead. I want individual candidates looked at irregardless of party affiliation. Original idea, say what?

Of course, all this blabber becomes malarkey if I win an endorsement. LOL.
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