Thursday, September 04, 2008

KFC Boycott Group in Newport

Projo has a story today on a protest by PETA: "Yesterday’s demonstration targeted the Association of KFC Franchisees charter sail aboard a 12-meter race yacht."

"Matthews[PETA] acknowledged that supermarkets also buy from suppliers with inhumane practices, but that shouldn’t condone the mistreatment of the approximately 1 billion chickens KFC serves up every year, she said. The United States franchises, like their counterparts in Canada, should demand that suppliers treat chickens more humanely and offer vegetarian alternatives on its menu, she said.

PETA maintains that KFC suppliers drug chickens in unreasonably cramped quarters to rapidly fatten them up, making the birds so top heavy and unhealthy that they suffer broken legs and heart attacks. The suppliers also slaughter the birds inhumanely, PETA asserts, by slitting their throats while they’re conscious. Some birds that aren’t properly killed get boiled alive during the next process — feather removal.

Matthews said that KFC suppliers could make improvements — including gassing chickens to kill them — that would add just two cents to the cost of a meal."

I'd pay 2 cents more. The only KFC franchise here is in Middletown on East Main Rd.

Thanks to reporter Richard Salit.
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