Thursday, September 04, 2008

Police Gone at Middletown Council Meetings!

I've missed my reporter friend at the Middletown Newsletter who is no longer covering Council meetings. I hope that all is well. While the "Daily News" is most definitely doing a better job in this regard (thank you), it's not as detail oriented as he was. And I miss the commentary. Sigh.

In the Aug. Council meeting it was announced by Prez Rodrigues that from then on Town Administrator Brown (I haven't decided on a good nickname yet, but I'm working on it) would be the decider regard the need for a police presence.

Hello! Perhaps a tad more specifity is needed here besides take one item off the political agenda for the Nov. election. So, how does "The Decider" decide? At least, the non-presence was noted by Councilor Ed "The White Knight" Silveira. The $ savings is appreciated.

Hey, by George, I think I've got it- Town Admin., aka "The Decider" Brown. Catchy, I think.
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