Monday, August 11, 2008

Deb Ruggiero on the Issues

August 11, 2008
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Deb Ruggiero, House of Representatives Democratic Candidate for District 74 Questions Timing of Opponent’s Involvement in Underage Drinking

Deb Ruggiero, Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, (D-74 Jamestown and Middletown) today questions her opponent’s timing of a press conference in light of his lack of leadership for 28 years on the need for underage drinking legislation in the Ocean State.

“Underage consumption of alcohol is a problem faced by more and more families,” said Ruggiero. “Opening the lines of communications between law enforcement and parents and teenagers, and working with organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a good start. I question my opponent’s leadership in getting legislation out of committee after 28 years in office; and frankly, the timing of his press conference today is interesting knowing that he’s in a tough election.”

“There are many underlying issues related to teen drinking,” she said. “Underage drinking is a serious and complicated issue. He’s been a state legislator for 28 years and he’s just figuring this out now? That’s why it’s time for change that moves us towards solutions.”

Ruggiero promises that her campaign will be inclusive on this issue and other pressing issues including her 4 E’s Platform:
· Establishing Economic stability
· Prioritizing Educational access and opportunity
· Helping the Elderly
· Protecting the Environment

“After 28 years, it’s time for change,” said Ruggiero. “It takes more than an election year press conference to solve this complicated issue. We need education and communication, not just punitive legislation, to keep our kids from drinking.”

Ruggiero, whose strength is communications and working across boundaries with the business community, the media, and non-profit organizations to realize positive results for the public, will work hard to be the “voice of hope” for individuals and families and the change that’s needed in the House of Representatives, representing her constituency in Jamestown and Middletown.

“As a native Rhode Islander, homeowner in Jamestown and a businesswoman, I understand and share the difficulties facing voters,” she said. “Like you, I am fed up with what’s going on. I entered this campaign because it’s time for change.”
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