Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trash, trash, trash, trash, trash...

The "Newport Daily News" has an interesting article in today's "Now You Know" column by Sean Flynn. You can compare Newport's program with Middletown's.

Newport's program is funded through taxes. It includes weekly collection of household waste, recyclables, yard waste and bulky items.

Middletown's is a fee program for trash bags & collection of recyclables every other week. Bulky items are extra $. The program is also supported through taxes raised. You either participate in the program paying for bags with recycling or you don't.

Newport's recycling rate is given as 28% while Middletown's is 45%, although finding any confirmation of this online is impossible. Why? You also have to remember that Newport has over 300 public trash cans (no recycling). Middletown receives no $ for its recyclables. No mention if Newport does or not.

I think that it's time for another poll. Which would you rather have? How will you pay for it?
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