Thursday, July 03, 2008

Candidates' Papers

I personally refer to this as the "crazy time." Anyone wanting to get their name on the ballot has slightly over a week (until July 11) to get "x" amount of valid district signatures. The "x" amount differs according to the position you are seeking. The "district" varies according the position you are running for.

You can be any party to sign these & sign as many as you like. You should be a registered voter & live in the town that the signing sheet indicates. School & council candidates need a minimum of 50. State House candidates need 50 & State Senate needs 100 (been there, done that).

That's it. It does not indicate support, except support for getting candidates' names on the ballot. And many candidates from all parties is a GOOD thing, right? You also can speak with each other about concerns. Discussion is also a GOOD thing.

I'll sign anyone's. And I have 4 registered voters at my house (although finding them all here at the same time is quite a feat). E-mail me privately or post a comment if you'd like to share. In other words, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Have car & shoes- will travel!

This is the time to demonstrate that you believe in our election system. It doesn't work without all of us helping out.

Be kind to us out there. We're putting ourselves on the chopping block trying to improve our communities.
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