Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rep. Loughlin Considering Challenging Rep. Kennedy

Just picked this up from yesterday in Projo. You'd already heard that rumor posted awhile ago here.

Ah, sweet seduction from national Republicans.

Rep. Loughlin's State House District covers all of Little Compton & Adamsville, and part of Tiverton. It was gerrymandered for a Republican and it's worked! He had no opposition in 2006 and ran against Dem. Forte in 2004. Of course, you have to realize that it was a Dem. Lege that did this. The leadership was upset with former Dem. Rep. Enos & gerrymandered him out of a seat basically. Sometimes you need a scorecard in this state to tell the Dems from the Republicans.

If he forgoes the federal office, he'll go for the State Rep. (2nd choice). He's involved in media (his own business) & even if he loses, with the networking he can do, he may well end up ahead pocket-wise even if he loses vote-wise. Robataille hasn't fared too badly since he ran for Rep. in District 93 & lost by only a few votes. He now is the Guv's new public relations official. He also runs a public relations/media firm.

Thanks to reporter Peter Phipps
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