Monday, May 05, 2008

Councilor Santos Ill During Meeting

***Update; the Daily News reports that she was released last night.
The Council met tonight for a budget hearing (Public Works, Fire, & Police). When the Prez complained about the Police increase, Councilor Silveira reminded everyone that these 3 depts. are the face of the town, offer service to everyone, & last yr. had no increase. Ironic.

The regular Council meeting started & there was a discussion on Dr. Civic's animal hospital (Valley Rd.) which needs a special permit to also add animal boarding (he rec'd Planning Board permission). Councilor Santos was questioning the Dr. when she suddenly grabbed her upper arm & said that she needed to leave. She then slumped in her chair.

Fortunately, the fire dept. was still there. She rec'd immediate assistance with the trucks coming pronto. The room then cleared while she appeared to recover, rec'd oxygen, & was placed on a guerney.
"Mother" Theresa has had a number of health issues and is hoping for a clean bill of health very soon. Hopefully, this will happen and the former was only a minor issue. Expect to see news on the meeting from Newport Daily News' reporter Matt Sheley & Tom Shevlin of Newport This Week.

While the Councilor & I often disagree on political matters, I have a LOT of respect for anyone in politics, esp. a woman. She is very fond of her show boxer and knows more about Middletown recent history than most anyone. So say a prayer & send good thoughts. All of these councilors work hard, attend MANY meetings, & often with little thanks.

The Council meeting was ended without any conclusion for poor Dr. Civic & his two lawyers. Expect to hear some rather explosive Council news shortly (I believe). Also expect an energized election this Nov. from what I'm hearing.
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