Friday, May 02, 2008

Middletown Town Admin Agreement Still Buried

It seems that the Council lost a real opportunity to finally clear up this matter on the reasons for former Town Admin. Kempen's departure, not to mention its costs to the town. Councilors Santos, Mello, & Rodrigues continue to choose to keep it mum. A big thanks to Councilor Barrows who finally changed her mind & voted to open the agreement, although this is somewhat easier to do knowing that it will not happen -at least that night.

The vote was tied 3-3 with Councilor Sylvia not there (pity!). It could be brought up again but I believe that you would need a 3/4 majority to do this. It might be worth a try anyway.

From Projo's Meaghan Wims:

“I think we have a great opportunity at this point to set the record straight,” [the White Knight] Silveira said. “I don’t understand why we would move forward to release certain parts of it, but leave the severance part a mystery. It’s taxpayer money; they have a right to see it.”
Silveira’s comments prompted a rebuke from Councilwoman M. Theresa ["Mother"] Santos, who criticized Silveira for political maneuvering. “It is an election year and this is basically a political thing that is being brought forth,” Santos said. “Let’s rest. Let’s give it a breathing space right now. Let’s put it to sleep.”
“To suggest that you want to tie this to it being an election year… is about nothing more than the typical spin you’ve being trying to do for years,” Silveira retorted. “Your continued hesitancy of having Mr. Kempen come forward would only suggest that you’re hiding something, plain and simple.”

Ah-h-h, political??? NAH! And God did NOT make little green apples, either.

Since Councilor Santos voted for the original secret agreement, that may be why she'd like to put it to bed and, even, better, put it so sleep- shoot that sucker! But this has been an ongoing thorn for many months- mainly because it's smelly! To assume the ending would ever have been any different than this is naive & just plain silly. It is, after all, OUR money that has been given away. Imagine the sheer audacity of those wanting to know why!

Shawn Brown is our new T. Admin. & I am delighted that a local was appointed after the Council Prez announced a worldwide search. Anyone else wondering how much this purchased search service cost us?

Do I think that the details behind Kempen's departure are being hidden? It's an honest question with a direct answer- YES! There was another motion that failed- that to have former Town Admin. come in to testify about why he left & explain his lawyer's letter that referred to "interfence" by town officials in discharging his dutes. He previously state that he would do so if asked, although this remains to be seen.

From the Daily News' Matt Sheley:

“For a council leadership that continues to say how transparent and open it is, they seem to be pretty tight-lipped about a lot of things,” [Antone] Viveiros said. “Once again, actions speak louder than words.”
Viveiros' Island Watchdogs filed a freedom of info complaint to have the agreement made public. The Council in Tiverton recently did so in a similar situation. They did not open up parts but the whole thing.

If is smells like a skunk, looks like a skunk, & keeps its mouth shut, then it means- we've been skunked! Will it and the garbage good news-bad news plan become an election issue--- you tell me.
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