Monday, March 03, 2008

Middletown Voting Locations

Our polling place list follows:

Districts 1901 and 1904 (same as always) - Middletown High School

Districts 1902, 1903, and 1905 - Middletown Library (combined)

Districts 1906, 1907 & 1908 -Town Hall (combined).

It was suggested by the Board of Elections to combine polling locations for this Primary. Normally, the Presidential Preference Primary has a 3% voter turnout.

Our Board of Canvassers consists of three (3) senior citizens: Mary Hannon of Green End Ave., Carmella Murphy of Spruce Ave, and Chair Adeline Rose of Willow Ave. There is one Dem on this partisan board. She was "nominated" by the current Midd. Dem. Town Chair & became a Dem less then a month before her appointment. See previous blog entry.

Thanks to Clerk Wendy Marshall for her prompt response to my queries. I am still waiting for a response to questions posed months ago to the state Board of Elections regarding voting.

Call her at (847-0009) if you are not sure where to vote or look in the previous posting for the Sec. of St. link.
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