Monday, March 03, 2008

Tues. Presidential Primary Election

Little Compton lost one polling place while Middletown lost half of theirs. I don't get it. In the recent Newport Rep. election which expected a LOW turnout, all the polling places were open in the Rep. District. A higher than normal Primary voter turnout is expected here & we make it harder to vote. Umm, how about no-fault absentee voting? I already know one Hillary support who can't vote because of a trip & was unable to obtain an emergency ballot .

One wonders how many will head to their normal voting place, find it closed, & forget about it? Or how many will view the line at their polling place, turn around, & head out? But the old fart demographic (and I refer here to myself) will put up with these inconvenients. And who will I vote for - Hillary. I make no bones about it- I want a woman president! I could go on but that's the bottom line. I'd cast my vote almost as happily for Obama at a later time, but I am hoping that Hillary wins it.

I can't say as Shirley Chisolm did that,"I' ve always met more discrimination being a woman than being black. " But for those who complain about their being a glass ceiling for women, I've always found that there was more of a glass floor. While I do believe that there has been some change since Shirley spoke the previous words (in the ?80's)- not enough!
I only hope that while I can honestly state that I would work just as hard if Obama wins, that his supporters can same the same about Hillary.

Go Hillary!

BTW: Locate your Primary voting place here AND Hillary has had a lousy presence on the blogs. I blame that on her campaign. I've rec'd nada despite asking.
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