Monday, March 03, 2008

Poll Reduction Questions & Locations for Newport, Tiverton, and Little Compton)

Thanks to Rob Rock at the Sec. of St. office for the prompt response to my request. I've always found this office very prompt with information. You've got to trust a guy with the name of Rob Rock, don't you?

I have to wonder why polling places seem to have been reduced by half. The Sec. of St. is responsible for many new registrations with their 3 recent college visits (they never made it to URI). In the recent Newport election with small voter turnout expected, all polling places in that Rep. District were open.

Towns/cities decide through their Boards of Canvassers on polling locations and are responsible for worker costs. While the Sec'y of St. wanted to cut back locations he also increased the number of required for workers. I'm mystified here. Why not then go for as many locations as possible with the usual staffing? Parking may well turn out to be a major problem even with increased staffing. And I won't even get into the fact that we are once again in the national spotlight & DO matter. Sorry, this is smelling a bit funky.

Polling places for Little Compton, Tiverton, & Newport:

District 3301- Town Hall

Districts 3302, 3304, and 3305- North Tiverton Fire Station

District 3303- Countryview Estates-Community Room

Districts 3306, 3307, and 3308- Tiverton H.S. Gym

Districts 2101, 2102- Salvation Army (Memorial Blvd.)

Districts 2105, 2103, 2106, and 2108- St. Peter's Church (in back)

Districts 2110, 2107, and 2109- Wm J. Donovan Manor

Districts 2113, 2111, 2112, and 2114- S. Augustin's School

Little Compton
Districts 1801 and 1802- Josephine Wilbur Auditorium (Rt. Side)

Again here is the Sec. of St. link on your voting place. You can also download a ballot copy.
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