Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Soups & Stews - Cookbooks

Yes, I know that this isn't exactly about politics, but one does need to eat in order to live.
In my ever-ongoing attempt to eliminate clutter, I attacked my cookbook collection. If it hadn't been used in a year - goodbye! Well, mostly.
I have some butternut squash & was looking for soup/stew recipes. Fairly plentiful but none had any nutritional values. Enquiring minds need to know. I want low fat & protein. I also want easy prep & good taste.
My collection in this area just didn't fit the bill (and will be recirculated to the library), so off to the bookststoreI went. I found a LOT of books, yet only 3 with nutritional content. Hey, what's wrong with publishers/writers out there? With the ever-expanding obesity problem, this is important & not difficult to find out with new programs. But I want you to do it, not me. I want to know beforehand if I need to add more protein to the meal or have to balance out the fat content.
One was huge, like a dictionary. A good resource book, perhaps, but difficult to use in the kitchen unless necessary. Pass. The other two I bought. I also checked the recipes for butternut squash. Perfect. One simple, the other book somewhat more complex. Works for me.
"Soup for Everybody" by Joanna Pruess with Lauren Braun, RD, LD. Lovely pics & easy-to-use kitchen size. $14.95 with a regular index & another category index (161 pages). Lovely.
My fav- why don't they make all cookbooks like this "Soups and Stews" by Good Housekeeping in a bendable, ring-type binding? Hello?? A recipe for sausage, squash, & bean soup. Exactly fits my fills for some leftover bratwurst. Pics & index with 140 pages - $14.95.
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