Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Middletown's New Police Station

Projo's Meaghan Wims has an article today on the new $8 million police station. The 8 acre site is across from the h.s. & was a former Xmas tree farm. That means that the ground is full of arsenic. I imagine this was sprayed to kill bugs? It was also used in growing other crops. This problem is what has been causing the holdup. Testing had to be done along with a plan for mitigating the chemical.
It also means that a proposed doggie park can't be located there (don't want our pets getting sick with all that digging & sniffing). While it was nice that the Kempenaar family gave the site to the town, I do believe that cleanup costs would have prohibited much else being done with it.
The two story building will have a community room plus other ammenities. Costs could end up being higher than estimated since they were determined two years ago. It will be located next to the proposed Valley park project.
That project has also been held up with arsenic problems ranging from a million to $5 million to fix. Recently a state grant was applied for to help with costs.
So how does the Newport Water district have a resevoir there with all that arsenic?? Just curious?? I see plenty of people walking their doggies there.
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