Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Local Republican Defections to Democratic Party

My husband likes to listen to the Business Channel. The other day I heard the stat that 7% of those who term themselves Republicans have left the Party. Meanwhile those identifying themselves as Democratic increased by 4%.

I know these stats to be true because of recent events right here in Middletown. Monday night the Dem. Town Chair was so impressed with the dedication & admiration of this new group that he "nominated" one of them for appointment to a town partisan committee - and one previously. The Town Council is also so enthusiastic over this recent trend that his choices have been backed unanimously (Republicans & Democrats). The local Board of Canvassers consists now of 3 senior women with a new member appointed last night. This group guarantees the validity of our elections.

Don Lavine, the Dem. Town Chair, is so enthused that former Republicans have "found the light" that his "nominee" is a Democrat of less than a month (what a guy). He seems quite sure that she can now "convert" her husband, too.

Only a few months ago, he placed a former Republican member, who had viewed enough light to become an "undecided" to the same group. Alas, the Rep. Chair has yet to come up with a prospective member's name.

Even businessmen are deserting the GOP - down from 44% to 33%.

I applaud the Council's efforts and those of Chair Don Lavine and fast-forward thinking in rewarding the efforts and just good plain common sense of people who have come to realize tht the Grand Old Party isn't even the epitome of business anymore.

Thanks! We appreciate all the long hours and hard work you women will put in during the next election cycle. Your valiant efforts shall reap great rewards!

Now if the lone Republican woman would just put a little thought into this party affiliation thing...
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