Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cicilline Declares for Newport House Election

Bud Cicilline, the CEO of Newport Co. Mental Health (located in Middletown) is the first to declare himself in this race. Bud, the uncle of the Prov. Mayor, is a former Sen. who battled with Teresa Paiva-Weed in the 2000 election when the two seats were combined into one (she whipped him good). He currently does an afternoon call-in show on alternating days on local WADK and is the Chair of the Newport Democrats.

Bud has an advanced degree in Psychology & went to P.C. He currently is an instructor at Newport's CCRI.

Bud is well-respected & liked here & would be a formidable opponent. I'm not sure where in the district he currently lives with his beautiful wife. He re-married in the not so distant past and honeymooned on the isle of Capri - talk about romantic!

The deadline for filing is this Fri. If there is a Primary it will be Nov. 13. Bud announced Tuesday. At this point, I'd say that he may well be it. The General Assembly could use some psychologists, I daresay. Perhaps even a few psychiatrists.

Thanks to "Newport Daily New's" Joe Baker for the original article.
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