Saturday, October 06, 2007

Four Declare in Newport's House Race

Besides Bud Cicilline (67 - R.I. Ave.), Dave Carlin III (37) of Rose St. has decided to challenge in a Democrat primary. David is the director of the Northern Chamber of Commerce. He often lobbies in the State House. He challeneged Crowley two previous times. Carlin went to Rogers & RIC. His father was House Speaker for awhile.
A Republican challenger is Steven Coaty (47) of Red Cross Ave. A former Naval Commander on the base, he was part of the Judge Advocates' Office. He is now a local attorney. I find this declaration really odd as he is currently listed as an Independent. However, Stanek must have handed in his papers earlier & signing on as a Rep. is the only way an Independent Primary could be avoided. He currently serves on the Charter Review Commission
James Stanek (63) of the Point (Pine St.) is the owner of owner of Transatlantic Marine in Tiverton. He settled here after participating in a transatlantic race & serves on the waterfront commission. Oddly enough, both Stanek & Coaty hail from Wisconsin.
Here is the Daily News link & here is the Projo link.
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