Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bad Form

Joe Baker's Impolitically Correct column in yesterday's Newport Daily News was a heartfelt tribute to the late, great Paul Crowley. In the course of the column, talking about being a reporter dealing with politicians, Baker casually noted that "it's bad form to actually accuse someone of feeding you BS".

Now, when did it become "bad form" for a reporter to note that a politician was lying to him? Given that it's a reporter's job to tell the truth about elected officials, you'd think that being lied to by one would rate at least a mention. As a voter, I rely on reporters like Baker to tell me whether or not a politician is being honest. If it's now "bad form" for reporters to do so, that just makes it that much harder for me to tell an honest politician from a dishonest one.

I'm sure the politicians Baker deals with are overjoyed that he considers it "bad form" to point out when they're lying. I don't think Baker's readers are going to be as pleased.

UPDATE: Mr. Baker emails me to let me know that "feeding you BS" is not the same as lying. I apologize for the error.

[EmilyLitella]Never mind.[/EmilyLitella]
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