Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Voters First Commission' Votes: Because We Say So

From the minutes of the June 18th meeting of the Sec. of State's Voters First Advisory Commission:

Senator June Gibbs-
A non-binding referendum has been submitted regarding eliminating the straight party ticket. The Commission has voted unanimously to support the bill [May 29].

Bill: S-293 calls for a non-binding referendum regarding the use of straight party ticket voting. Ooh, this is Sen. Gibbs bill. What happened? Held for further study - buried alive.
Commission Members Present & voting:
Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis
Senator June Gibbs
Representative Jon Brien
Ken McGill, Pawtucket Board of Canvassers
Bob Kando, Director, RI Board of Elections
Jan Ruggiero, Director, Secretary of State’s Elections Division

BTW, these May 29 minutes do not follow Open Meetings rules. It neglects to list absent members Rep Pichardo, Rep. Alemida, & Sue Stenhouse (duh!).

Excuse my ignorance here, but what's the purpose of hearings if you've already voted??? There wasn't even any discussion. Why are you traveling across the State even asking? Why not just vote now on the other items on your agenda & take a vacation? BTW, there were only 2 members from the public present at the 1 p.m. meeting. Hmm, guess it was kept kinda quiet. Wonder why?

File under Gimme A Break!
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