Saturday, August 11, 2007

Less Baloney, Senator Gibbs, Please.

As a youngster my favorite lunch was baloney with Gulden's mustard on white bread. Occassionally cheese/lettuce, but I didn't want the taste of the baloney/mustard diluted. Yum.
But tastes change. Now I prefer actual recognizable meats with healthy additions. And I demand more from my lunch than a full belly.
Senator Gibbs is still feeding us baloney with mustard on white bread.
Her main lege goal this year was affordable health insurance (that went well, didn't it), creating a health care commission (guess a commissioner ain't enough) and to assign a health-care commissioner to the Dept. of Bus. Regs. (why?).
So I did a wild & crazy thing with my attached arrow through the head apparatus. I reviewed all the bills with her name on them. I checked anything to do with Healthcare /Business regs:
These are the results of her efforts: An employer with more than 25 employees must have a cafeteria healthcare plan that satisfies the IRS (employees pay). This bill came out of commitee. It passed! Affordable? Maybe, maybe not. Good coverage. Not exactly. That's why it's called a cafeteria plan.
That's it.
So what COULD she have sponsored? How about supporting lege extending the age of dependents to 30, an act specifing that reimbursement for mental illness providers shall be comparable to that paid for similar medical services, allowing visits by domestic partners to nursing home patients, and the "Health Care Affordability Act."
28 bills on which she was the lead sponsor. 4 bills falling into the category of Health & Safety. Kind of wonder what would have happened if affordable healthcare wasn't her priority. Or if she'd shown up every day & just not voted ("sometimes my vote just doesn't matter"). Maybe that quote works better if you leave out the "sometimes."
Talk about low expectations. We deserved better. Ah, 2008. What a year!

Part 1.
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