Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tiverton Teachers Debate Work Return

**Update** While Tivereton teachers did not vote to strike, they gave their negotiators the right to do this as they see fit.
For another take on this go to Anchor Rising & read Justin Katz who lives in Tiverton. "It's time these "professionals" — which teachers profess (and indeed ought) to be — learned that there are consequences to allowing the unions to make bullies and blackmailers of them." Just like I've been saying. It's not individual teachers they don't like (risky - you've got a face), it's a Union (any union), because you're just too darn stupid to realize that you're being manipulated. You're not even allowed to speak about withholding your services, let alone exercise your rights going to a courtroom for a hearing. So read & check out his "Comments." It's always interesting (and necessary) to listen to the other side's aguments. Please feel free to leave comments.

Teachers meet at 4:30 today in Portmsouth to discuss whether or not to return to work on Tuesday. I would imagine there'd be discussion & then an immediate vote. This would be their second year without a contract.
These 200 NEA members originally voted to return to work as a signed of "good will." But at their first meeting Supt. Rearick called them to order with, "Sitdown and shutup," a remark for which he latter apologiziged in writing. Unwise words by a stressed-out individual (he is the Chief Negotiator) in a tense situation to a group of unhappy staffers.
It's funny, but teachers privately in small administrative meetings are always castigated about "acting professional" - whatever that means. But in larger meetings (and sometimes the smaller ones, too) they are often insulted, opinions/suggestions are not welcome, and the mantra seems to be "because we say so." Hmm, on second thought, this happens in smaller meetings, too.
What a mess. Been there, done that. If they do not return, a court-ordered return will happen within ? a week. But it won't be a happy one. These bad feelings on all sides last a long time. Why do we put up with this annual endless cycle year after year in some district? It's time to change the rules of the game.

PS. If you're golfing today at Green Valley on Union St., be aware! That parking lot is small
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