Saturday, September 01, 2007

Middletown Council Meets Tues., 9/4/07

The scheduled meeting Sept. 17 is replaced by this meeting and the Recycling Meeting on 9/5/2007 - POSTPONED until ? Those neighbors on the Forest Ave. blog waiting for the traffic report will have to wait until Oct. They should request the planned planned presentation date is & request report copies.
What is on the agenda is ---- TRASH!
This is the site of the recent report "Solid Waste & Recycling Program Analysis" for Portsmouth/Middletown prepared for the Aquid. Island Planning Commission. This report recommends the Payt program as a short-term solution. It does have concerns about households being able to store 3 container bins. Hey, they should look inside my kitchen area. Where on earth am I supposed to store my inside daily trash in 3 bins??? And, if you don't, you'd be better off with a private hauler.
I hear more & more complaints about the logistics of the program and the availablity/cost of bags. People want the same system that Newport has. The comments I hear believe that this should be a basic component of paying taxes here. Me, too. This discussion won't show up until the second part of the meeting. This is the time to show & voice your opinion. While much talk has been made of the need for recycling (which brings haulers & the State a LOT of money), one might also make the argument that the State should be doing more at the landfill to use technologies that convert trash into power. Since any $ the State uses for recycling goes into the General Fund, the argument could be made that this is, in effect, another tax (sigh).
The Newport Co. Visitors Bureau is asking for 3 appointments. A lot of attention should be placed to consideration of these individuals. This group has a LOT of our money to spend. There are also appointments to the Library Board. Sadly, only two applied for the two openings. I've blogged before about how serious consideration to taking this board & the library itself out of the town's responsibility & running them independently as non-profits (like Newport & Portsmouth do). The same with the Senior Center who is asking for capital funds outside of their budget. I still pose the question on membership there with verifying data. We spend far more than any other community.
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