Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rep. Long : Home is a Moveable Place

Meaghan Wims did an article on Rep. Long in Projo today. She spoke with Long & the Board of Elections regarding his recent campaign financial filing wherein he neglected to list recent contributors of his fundraising efforts for over $30,000 this quater.

Meaghan actually asked some hard questions of Long which have too long (no pun intended) been waiting to be asked. In return, she was served some slushy answers, much like Del's lemonade (Long owns the local franchise).

Long insists he "lives" in Middletown,. Yet he told Joe Baker that he was NOT living here & was actually looking for a home here with a real estate agent. '"Daily early-morning checks of Long's Middletown home this week showed he was not staying at the house. When The Daily News went to his home in Westerly Friday morning, the young girl who answered the door said he "had just left."Long acknowledged Friday that he was staying in Westerly and that he and his wife were working with a real estate agent to find a new home in Middletown."I'm in Middletown every day," he said. "I attend meetings and I am legally domiciled in Middletown, even though my wife lives in Westerly." Long's wife owns a Westerly house. The Middletown domicile Long says he resides in is his mother's house.

Legally domiciled. Ah, here's the crux of the matter. Again, from Joe Baker, ""State law requires a candidate "be qualified to vote in the election within the district for the office which that person seeks." State law defines a person's residence as "his or her fixed and established domicile. The determinant of one's domicile is that person's factual physical presence in the voting district on a regular basis, incorporating an intention to reside for an indefinite period."

Long also says that statements his ex-wife were inaccurate, and the he wants to fundraise now so that he can "... focus my campaign on delivering a message and not spending all of my time literally begging for money.” As opposed to what he's doing now.

'"He said last week, 'I have no dispute with my ex-wife. I wish my ex-wife well. All of the [financial] issues are being dealt with.”' Meaning? I've settled with the IRS & am making payments on former taxes owed so that I don't go to jail?

'"I have nothing to hide. I’ve had some issues. I’ve made some mistakes and that’s all I can say,”' said Long, who has acknowledged being in recovery for seven years after a battle with “substance addiction.” I'm in treatment because I say so. I hid nothing (??) and I bought/buy my cocaine through legal sources. Yep. How about treatment for spousal abuse?

"'We see each other as much as we can," he said, noting that eventually, the couple will decide whether he’ll run again in ’08 and where they will live together."' Hmm, no wonder Rep. Long spends over $400/yr. in bridge tokens & has a large Verizon phone bill both of which he writes off as campaign expenses. BTW, he still hasn't filed where the campaign donations came from while insisting that his report was filed on time. It was due July 31, but he lost his records of individual donations. Probably due to so much moving around. Maybe his bank just can't find him to furnish the records he needs.

Ethics carges, tick tock, tick tock. We all have the right to know where our legislators on any level are getting their $ from and how they are spending it. We also have a right to expect them to reside in their district. Yeah, it makes a difference.

Spin, spin, spin. It's positively dizzying!

BTW: WADK's Open Forum today (Donato D'Andrea) filed this whole thing under "Funny Farm" noting that Rep. Rice has not yet filed her report. When your report is late you AUTOMATICALLY receive a letter and a $25 from the Board of Elections. In this case NOTHING would have been automatic as he did the report with the correct $. He just neglected the last page & they may not have spotted that. His records have been lacking for a month & he knew about it. It doesn't matter, Donato? Funny, you always seem to be big on Democrats having ethics, doesn't it work the other way? You also neglected to mention Bruce's other "little" problems. Who belongs on the funny farm??? Anyway, I've been living there a long time - AND - loving it!
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