Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Middletown Council Supports Smart Economic Development

The Mayforth Group did its presentation last night on the current status & proposed changes regarding Middletown's economic development status. There was a large crowd present, although most residents seemed to be there for the trash discussion. I'm happy they were there for any reason, though, as they were all impressed with the report.

The group rec'd compliments from the Council on the comprehensive report. Lou DiPalma made a motion to adopt the Group's plans which was quickly seconded & unanimously approved. Chair of the Econ. Develop. Advisory Committee, Robert Silva, was delighted that the Council is ready to appoint a part-time Business Director, "I've been waiting over twenty years for this."

Newport is in the process of hiring a full-time director while Portsmouth has a part-time one. The Mayforth Group also informed us that it believes federal funding has been secured for the Woods' Hole group to give the town more help regarding its beach pollution program. This is indeed welcome info! More info will be forthcoming.

If the Council advances further with the report's recommendations, adopts the Atlantic Beach area master plan, & proceeds with former plans for the town area off of High St., it could leave a legacy to be long-remembered in the town. Much better than trash talk

The econ. develop. director, btw, could be a consultant, rather than a town payroll item. I do believe this would be the way to go, at least initially.

Thanks to all the committee members who helped make this possible: Ron Wolanski (town planner), Bob Silva (Chair), Joe Cirillo, Robert Connerney, Helen Flynn, Gail Holmes, Tom Kowalczyk, Keith Stokes (Newport C of C), Robert Sylvia (our Council rep) & Lou DiPalma (former Council Rep). And myself.

The Mayforth Group plans on going to D.C. next week to advocate for more funding for this plan. Yahoo!
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